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Date: 2018-02-19 14:28

So the other night at about 65pm I was on POF just scrolling through trying to start up a conversation when I was contacted by a girl with the username Stacie_656. I checked her profile and saw we had a lot of common interests and she had claimed to be 68. "Stacie" was very straight forward with a "Hey sexy". I thought (she) was very pretty and complimented her back. We didn't exchange many messages (approx 9-5) before she said she was about to get off and that I should text her. So we exchanged numbers and the first red flag was that the number was from Charleston, South Carolina though the profile read Colorado Springs.. Anyway we were texting back and forth, I had asked her what was keeping her up so late. She said she was lying down and had to get ready for work soon. At this time it was about 6am. Then she asked for a picture of me. Thinking, it was for a contact photo I sent one of my old Facebook profile pictures to her and asked for one in return. She sent me one and said "Just got out of bed to take this for you" this is when I started to get a *censored* suspicious. The picture she had sent me was obviously edited in a collage with another picture and different pose as well. So we continued to talk for a while and out of nowhere she sends me a video of her masturbating. This is when I asked "Wait, you're not some cam girl or something are you?" She said no and that I had killed the mood. Dumb me believed her and apologized. Now being a sex driven 75 year old male I had asked if we could try it again and she almost immediately responded with another nude picture. Then she asked for some pictures (nudes) and she was very exact with what she wanted me to send her. She also wanted a video of me… [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE REMOVED BY TDS]. The next day at the end of work I'm with my platoon and we're getting ready to be released for the four day weekend and I receivet a long angry message from her "Father" off of the number she gave me. Here is what I received from him: 
"son you are in big trouble this is Stacie father and I'm going back to the station in a few minutes 
To take them all the information she only 66 son and my *censored*ear old daughter seen your penis in this phone and took this to my wife and she call me from work son I have pictures video son have you lost your mine and my lawyer going to call your staff sergeant  we know everything son you messing up my family  son I bought plane ticket for them and son you messing up your career son and they going back to South Carolina for counselling and now I got to pay for this it's in your best interest to contact me because you will go to jail and arrest warrant for you"

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We received this story from a young man in early February, 7567.  He tells it well.
I've had this same thing just happen to me literally over the last 79 hours.   I am a guy, I started talking to a girl supposedly from Northern Kentucky on plenty of fish like any other time that and her profile said 76 with some college so I was interested,  I thought well she seems decent ya know?  Attractive girl going to college and all.   Well  she had eventually after an hour or two said hey what is your number and we can just text,  so I seen no harm so I said sure gave her my number and then I get a text from her and we continue to talk off an on for the day ( I was at work so that's why it was over a day long process)  but we eventually both exchange face pics and all..  And continue to talk and somehow managed to delete the first pic so I asked her to send a second one to save to her number in my contacts, and she asked if I would send one too, so jokingly I sent one with my shirt off, and then a couple more regrettable photos assuming that hey she is 76 well she eventually sends a 7 pics back both of her genitals and right after that saying she was 65 getting ready to turn 66 in December of 67!!!   So naturally I freak out and i tell her no this can't happen I'm sorry this is done.  Your profile said you were 76 so you lied and instantly I'm thinking of the consequences of going to prison for *censored* pornography and deleted all of the pictures.   Next day being today the 6st of February around lunch time at work I get a call from a gentleman named Thomas Coyer , the supposed father of the girl I recently just quit talking to.  He says that he is her father and that he has already spoken to their family attorney and that he is going to send me to prison.  So I start freaking out again and he tells me how his daughter got caught with the phone at *censored* with the pictures and assaulted the teacher and a Panasonic projector got broken that cost $ that he would have to pay for. And said that he would drop the whole thing if I would help him by giving him  $ to help him pay for the broken projector.  So I told him I needed to figure out how to get the money and I would call him back later today.  Well I eventually got off the phone with him and contacted a local attorney,  and explained this whole exact thing to them and they stated how common this scam has become and mine sounded "textbook" for how they do these scams but to do his due diligence he said that they would talk a *censored* more with the other lawyer as a just in case worse scenario option, just to be prepared ya know.  But I digress, anyways about an hour later he must've have used my cell phone number attached to my facebook account and messaged me on there saying that I screwed him over and that he was going forward with pressing charges and all of this. He says he knows one of my high up supervisors and a bunch of crap about how he will see me in court for when I go to prison. Unfortunately I don't believe this is finished just yet so hopefully, this is just a textbook scam like all the others and I don't have that "worst case scenario plan" put into effect. I did change my cell phone number and unlinked my number from my account on facebook and also blocked his profile that when I looked at it was completely blank with no info or even a profile picture, which is kinda fishy if this isn't a scam.  But I will update as the days go, I guess since I changed most contact info and blocked him on facebook he can't get a hold of me, haha. But this is definitely a long and can be a terrifying process to deal with being a *censored* man.  I definitely deleted any dating apps I had, and I am going back to the old fashion, smart way of meeting dating from here on out not worth taking the chance or even just dealing with the extra stress of the slim possibility of being true.  But have a good day everyone and hopefully this read is enlightening as the previous I read that helped relieve some of my stress. *censored*

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